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We’re so grateful to Genny Pugh for offering Compassion Fatigue training to our staff. Genny is a speaker, clinician, and consultant with many years of experience in behavioral health. She is a community advocate and recovery champion in WNC and is the Managing Director of the The Genevieve Group, a behavioral health consulting team. Working in animal rescue (as any caregiving position) can be heartbreaking and damaging without proper self-care and support. Genny will be presenting on Compassion Fatigue again this on Sept. 13 through NAMI Western Carolina, an excellent organization offering mental health support in our community. All are welcome!




Community’s Voice for Mental Health Summer 2018

Pictured here are Instructor Trainers for RHA ProAct. This group is certified to teach, mentor, and certify ProAct Instructors.
L-R Erika Odom, Cristin Parrish, Kenneth Martin, Genny Pugh, Benedetta Kelly, and Kenya Kelly.
Also, an Instructor Trainer, but not pictured, is Ron Hawkins.

RHA Creates New Intervention Curriculum for New Employees

ProAct is a proprietary preventive intervention curriculum created by RHA for new employee orientation training and annual refresher/recertification. The curriculum emphasizes evidence-based practices and a cross-disabilities focus and received approval from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

“RHA Leadership wanted ProAct to reflect the principles, values, and mission of the organization and with their commitment and support, we achieved that goal,” says Consultant Genny Pugh.

Kenneth Martin has taken a lead role in working with the Instructor Trainers to implement the new curriculum which focuses on prevention and de-escalation of crisis behavior and contains physical techniques in addition to other strategies for crisis management. The curriculum has measurable learning objectives for each unit and requires written and practical testing for competence.

Since the ProAct Curriculum received state approval, we have accomplished the following in developing the RHA ProAct Instructor Team: 7 Certified Instructor Trainers, 22 Certified Instructors (one in FL), and 29 Total Certified ProAct Instructors. 24 additional Instructor Trainees have completed their training and are in the Coaching Phase leading to certification. We project a total of

53 certified RHA ProAct Instructors when everyone in the 2018 Instructor Class finishes observation/coaching.

Congrats to everyone at RHA who has worked so hard to make this possible during the first 6 months of 2018!

Genny Pugh of the Genevieve Group is a Behavioral Health consultant with a focus on change management, leadership, and workforce development. RHA is grateful for her expertise and hard work in creating this excellent program.

This article originally appeared in the RHA Health Services summer newsletter.